Registry Description

Registry description in accordance with 10 § in the personal information law (523/99)

Responsible for the registry

Martin J Ingman
Ingman Consulting Ab
Landsbrovägen 13
10300 Karis

Registry name

Service registry

The purpose of handling personal information (registry purpose)

The information that you have provided in the web form are saved to the service registry.  The information is used to manage customer contacts, to process requests that come in through the form and to reply to questions or orders.  The information mays also be used for development, analysis, statistics and for production, offers and development of services in addition to marketing and sales.  The customer has a right to prohibit the use of the provided information for direct marketing by informing Ingman Consulting Ab Oy in writing.

Information in the registry

Only the information provided by you in the web form or through our customer service is saved in the registry.

Regular sharing of information

Personal information will not be shared with any third parties.

Registry protection

The registry responsible party’s data system and files are protected with technical protection mechanisms that normally are used in an enterprise.  The right to use the registry requires personal user names and passwords which are only provided to persons in the registry responsible party’s personnel who need user rights because of their position and tasks.

Right to transparency

The registered party has according to 26 § in the personal information law a right to review what information of theirs has been registered in the personal registry.  According to 29 §, the registered party has a right to request corrections of incorrect information concerning the registered party.  Requests for review or correction should be sent in writing to the following address:

Ingman Consulting Ab Oy
Landsbrovägen 13
10300 Karis